Sharing your records with the public

 Will there be the option to share the records with the public on a website?

  • We haven't decided in detail on how we're going to approach visitation solutions within Hortis as a product. However, we are very clear about data sharing as a key capability. From a technical point of view, we will very likely look at ways that will enable you to allow any user to view your data, but then in a filtered way. Access should then be controlled in a responsible way with regards data protection, restrictive access to very valuable plant material, etc. This would then be more like a peer-to-peer feature for sharing with colleagues in your community, not only in your own country, but also with the rest of the world.

    When it comes to a visitation experience, the platform is designed in such a way that it's a natural evolution to have a visitation experience product integrated with Hortis. Candide is already working on this and from a research perspective, is exploring several options, including the use of augmented reality and machine learning to help facilitate new ways of experiencing your garden. We will certainly keep the Hortis community updated on this topic. 

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