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The Public Sites feature allows you to share your garden's collection with visitors. By making your collection public, you can enhance your educational outreach, foster community engagement, and showcase the diversity of your garden.

Follow the steps below to set up and manage your public site.

Setting up your public site

Head to Settings > Collection Sites > Select the Collection Site for which you want a Public Site and turn on the visibility.

Now you can configure additional settings for your garden that will be displayed on your public page.

In the Details section, you can add a brief description of your garden, its location, country, and garden’s website. You can also provide an email address for visitors to contact you.

Changing the visibility of materials

Managing the plant materials that are visible on your public site is easy. To start with, all of your plant materials are set as Private, and these will need to be set to Public to be displayed on the site.

To change individual records

Go to the individual Plant Material > tap the horizontal ellipses () > “Make public”.

To change multiple records

Use the Plant Materials List > Select records with checkboxes > Open the Actions Menu > select “Make public” or “Make private”.

Once you have made your materials public, they will appear on your Public Site settings page:

You can also add an additional column entitled “Public” to your List view (read here), making it easier to see which material is public or not.

A plant material's featured photo is shown as the main image on the public page. However, if you have not set a featured photo, navigate to the plant material photos tab. Select "Set as featured" on an image to designate it as the main image for both the material itself and also the public page.

If no photo is set as featured, then no photo will appear on the public page, even if the material has other photos.

Viewing and sharing your public collection

Once you have configured your public site settings, you can easily view and share the public version of your collection.

To view your entire public collection site, click on the URL (or tap the copy button to paste the link elsewhere):

For individual records, select the verticle ellipses () next to the public record in the table, and select "Open public page":

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