Inviting new members to your Hortis database

Inviting members to view or edit your Hortis database can be quickly achieved through the Settings pages.

To start, head to: Settings > Organisation > Members. It's important to verify you are not on the Collection Site members page before proceeding.

Select Invite Members:

In the dialogue box, you can assign new members as "Admin", "Editor", or "Read-Only":

As an "Admin", you can invite new members and manage other members' roles within the organisation. As an "Editor", you can create, edit, and delete records, but managing organisational members is not permitted. As a "Read-Only" member, you can only view, search, and filter records (editing records is not permitted).

Enter the email address of the invitee and select Send invites. Note that several email addresses will need to be separated by a comma (,):

Once complete, the invitee will receive an automated email with details on how to sign up. If your invitees haven't received an automated invite, they should check their spam folder.

Note that you need to have Admin privileges in order to be able to invite new members to your organisation.

On the Members page, you can also check your membership level. Contact your organisation’s Hortis admin if you are unsure or need to request a change to your membership level.

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