Will Hortis include support for Tree risk management

With regards to tree risk management, will you have an area in the system that you can manage tree risk?

  • In the early stages of the product, we will focus on traditional core plant records features and slightly less used features, such as tree risk management, propagation management, etc. will be considered later on.

    However, we are developing a platform with an extendable service oriented architecture and we will always consider integration options alongside developing fully integrated features. If there are tree management products that have already solves this problem really well, then that would be a very interested in looking at integration options. There are other similar scenarios, such as image management (AKA Digital Asset Management) where there are many products out there that do this really well. We will obviously have support for recording images in Hortis with basic management capabilities, but integration with these types of products can be very useful. 

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