Will all features be available on all platforms?

You have mentioned before that you're designing for the mobile first because it's easier to convert it down to a desktop from there than the other way around. Is it the intention to continuously have it on all the platforms, so that you know once you've released version X, it’s available on all platforms?

  • Hortis is deployed as one product that is designed to work on Mobile, Tablet and Desktop. It’s actually quite dynamic in that it if you if you run it on the on your desktop and and scale down your browser, you will see that it will morph into a tablet and then eventually into a mobile experience. (This is better known as responsive software design)

    There are certain things that will be quite difficult to achieve successfully on a mobile due to screen size constraints, such as big report analysis etc. However, we will strive to offer all capabilites on all platforms.

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