Do we supply our own maps or are they included with Hortis

If you've got the gis coordinates of your garden right. Does Hortis actually draw a map for you

or are you responsible for supplying your own map.

  • There will be some out-of-the-box maps that you can use. This includes publicly available map services such as Google, Bing and OpenStreetmap. Most of these maps can be embedded in Hortis without any difficulties. However, as many of you know, these maps often lack detail, and are not ideal for a botanic garden. In particular if you have a lot of herbaceous plants and smaller beds. 

    To improve this, you might consider getting your own drone maps and then have these loaded into the system. Custom-made maps is not part of what we supply, but we will supply the infrastructure to help you have these maps presented in Hortis.

    The use of drones could be quite a cost-effective approach if you want to have a map that is accurate and of good quality and that doesn't take too much time and costs to prepare. A good time of year to capture a drone map is in early spring, when the tree canopy is in bud, but does not yet cover up the garden.

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