Optional fields: A guide to customising your Hortis experience


At Hortis, we understand the importance of a clutter-free and customisable user experience. That's why we've introduced optional fields that allow you to tailor your interface to suit your specific needs. These fields can be selectively enabled or disabled based on your preferences.

This guide walks you through the simple process of managing these fields according to your collection management needs.

Enabling/Disabling optional fields

To manage your optional fields, you will need to access your Settings.

  1. Navigate to the Settings menu on the left sidebar.

  2. For Interpretation fields (applied to taxa), go to Organisation > General.

  3. For all other optional fields (applied to accessions or plant materials), select your site and click General.

  4. Toggle the respective switches to enable or disable each field.

  5. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page to apply your preferences.

Understanding optional fields


Enabling the Interpretation fields allows you to record a taxon description and native distribution. Though the native distribution is derived from Plants of the World Online for validated taxa, you can choose to override this and input your own text.

Recommended use: Activate this field when you need to provide specific details about a taxon, for example, that may appear on your interpretation labels. These fields ensure that your interpretation text aligns with your institution's mission.

IPEN Numbers

Enabling the IPEN Numbers field allows you to record International Plant Exchange Network (IPEN) numbers in accession-related forms and pages.

Recommended use: Enable this field if your collection involves international plant exchange. This enables the tracking and documentation of unique reference numbers which makes it possible to trace back the origin of all plant material within IPEN at any time and look up from which country and under which conditions the plant material was received.

Tag Numbers

Enabling the Tag Numbers field incorporates Tag Numbers into plant material-related forms and pages.

Recommended use: Activate this field if your organisation uses specific tags or tag numbers for plant identification. This is particularly useful if you have separate metal tags or discs attached to trees or other specimens.

Identification Fields

Enabling the Identification Fields introduces dedicated sections for plant identification and verification status in accession-related forms and pages.

Recommended use: Activate this field if plant identification and verification details are crucial for your collection. This is especially useful when you want to capture and maintain information about each accession's identification, including the person who identified the accession, the date of identification, verification status, and any additional qualifiers or remarks.

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