Release Notes


Deleting accessions and plant materials

You can now delete accessions as well as individual plant materials. To do this, click the [...] button at either the accession or plant material, and select "Delete". Accidental deletions can always be recovered.


Update reminder notification

If an update has been released while you are using Hortis, a reminder will now appear at the bottom of your device screen. Simply refresh your browser page to use the latest version.


Satellite base map layer

You can now use a satellite base map layer (Bing Maps) to view the map of your garden. Switch between the two available layers (the default layer is provided by Open Street Map) using the layers menu in the top right. This will help you to be more accurate when mapping your plant material locations.


Full release of mapping

Mapping your plant material locations is now available to all users. View your garden map, assign new co-ordinates to your materials, and update the position of any existing material marker – all directly from the map view. These capabilities no longer require switching on via the experimental flag.


New account activation and sign-in page

To help simplify the sign-up process as a new user, we have updated our login page. If you are new to Hortis and it is your first time logging in, use Activate account. If you have already signed-up, use Sign in.


Invite new team members

From the members section, available via settings, you can now invite new team members to Hortis. Just add one or more email addresses and your colleague(s) will receive an email with instructions on how to sign up.


Add image [Experimental feature]

From the plant material, you can now add and view images (provided experimental feature is enabled in Settings). To add an image, click the [...] button at the plant material. Select "Add / edit material", the click "Edit" symbol where you can upload new images. The image tab is displayed if any images are available.


Deaccessioning accessions

To deaccession a record, simply use the three dots on the right of an accession record. Set the deaccessioning date and use the toggle to mark associated plant materials as Absent. By default, deaccessioned records will be filtered out of your collection list view (unless the filter is toggled off). 


Assign material coordinates [Experimental feature]

In addition to editing map coordinates introduced earlier this week, you can now also assign new map coordinates to existing plant material if you have experimental features enabled (in settings). Click the (+) symbol and you will get a list of unmapped plant material which you can search through.


Edit map coordinates [Experimental feature]

With experimental features enabled, you can now view the garden map and edit already mapped plant material. This capability will be rolled out to all users in due course. This includes assigning map coordinates to unmapped plant material.


Custom accession number

You can now choose to enter a custom accession number when creating a new accession. When the "Automatic accession number" switch is off, you can enter a custom number. Switching this on will default to the format YYYY-####.

Refreshed members layout and improved performance

We have improved the member search capabilities and resolved related performance issues.


Editing site locations

You can now edit site locations via Settings. Simply use the edit symbol to modify the code and name of your locations. Any changes will be automatically reflected in the location list when adding plant materials.


Locations page

Via the Settings, you can now view the location list and add new locations. The ability to change locations will be added soon.


Members page

The new Members page will provide you with a complete list of all authorised users and their account activation status.


New Settings structure

Our Settings pages have been updated with a new layout and structure to help you find what you are looking for. Under Organisation, the names of any organisations you are a member of are listed. Under Account, you can change your password, change your garden, or switch on experimental features.


Download your accessions

You can now download your accessions as a .CSV file by clicking the ellipsis button on the collections view. Download accessions was first released as an experimental feature and has now been made available to all users. 


Add New Site Locations whilst recording plant material

Users can now add new locations when they update or record new plant material. By typing the new name, you will be given the option to add the new location. By selecting add new location, you can then update the location code and name in a separate dialogue.


Improved scientific name search 

We have deployed an improved search algorithm for scientific names which now is stricter when your search term is correctly spelled. The new implementation is more useful as it will prioritize a stricter search, but switch over to more generous approximation search if no matching names are found using a stricter matching algorithm. We look forward to hearing your feedback.


Audit trail

From today, Hortis includes a comprehensive technical audit trail. This means Hortis retains a full history of all the changes that are being made to your plant collection data. This capability will gradually be utilised for various upcoming features such as draft/approval, soft delete and restore, audit trail revision and collection analytics.

Audit trail revision will improve data security and allow users to understand with more ease what changes have been made, when and by whom and potentially revert or correct mistakes in a robust and traceable manner.


Search by Material Number

You can now search items in your Plant Materials list by entering a Material Number in the search bar.


Access to experimental features

Users can now enable access to experimental features via their profile preferences. If you click the switch, you will be able to try out an early version of the accession download feature, which is then available to you on the collections view.


Hortis security page updated

Added more details to the Data Security Chapter related to disaster preparedness, continuous backup and data recovery.


Plant material status filter

You can now filter your plant materials list based on the status of the plant material. Select Add filter to see the drop-down options.


Updated provenance snapshot on dashboard

We have updated the colours in the Provenance Snapshot in the dashboard to help you better understand the way the four categories are related.


Profile and password changes

You can now update your Hortis profile and change your password on our redesigned Settings page, where you can also access the gardens you are a member of.


Search by Scientific Name or Accession Number

Search your collection list by Scientific Name or Accession Number using our quick access drop-downs.

Hortis security details published

Information about our data, application, and login security is now accessible on our homepage.


Sign up and login with easier access to Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Links to both our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy have been added to the login and sign-up screens.


Google Authentication

In addition to using a Microsoft account, you can now login to Hortis using your Google account as a single sign-on (SSO) provider.


Plant Material location filter

You can now filter on locations in the Collection Screen. Just expand the filter section and click Add Filter. Search on plant material will follow soon to complement the filtering capabilities.


Edit records

You can now edit accession and plant material records in our handy side-bar.


Collection dashboard

The home page of your collection now has a dashboard, with an overview of the number of accessions, plant materials, and taxa in your collection.


View plant material records

You can now view plant material records by selecting the active accession.

Search scientific names

You can now search by scientific name in accession and plant material list views.


Accession or plant material tags now visible

You can now view keywords that were used to label or categorise accessions or plant materials.


First garden’s collection deployed on production

Candide HQ becomes the first garden whose database is now accessible on Hortis!


View accession records

You can now view accession records by clicking an accession.


First release available with authentication

You can now login with your username and password credentials, or with single sign-on providers such as Microsoft.


Filtering of absent plant materials

Plant materials that have an absent status can now be filtered from the collection lists.

Create accession and add plant material

You can create an accession, input collection data, and add associated plant material.


Viewing accession and plant material lists

You can view your accessions and plant materials in a paginated list view. 


Navigation sidebar

Our navigation sidebar now links to other pages, including our Support Portal.

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