Release Notes


Plant Material location filter

  1. You can now filter on locations in the Collection Screen. Just expand the filter section and click Add Filter. Search on plant material will follow soon to complement the filtering capabitites.


Edit records

  1. You can now edit accession and plant material records in our handy side-bar.


Collection dashboard

  1. The home page of your collection now has a dashboard, with an overview of the number of accessions, plant materials, and taxa in your collection.


View plant material records

  1. You can now view plant material records by selecting the active accession.

Search scientific names

  1. You can now search by scientific name in accession and plant material list views.


Accession or plant material tags now visible

  1. You can now view keywords that were used to label or categorise accessions or plant materials.


First garden’s collection deployed on production

  1. Candide HQ becomes the first garden whose database is now accessible on Hortis!


View accession records

  1. You can now view accession records by clicking an accession.


First release available with authentication

  1. You can now login with your username and password credentials, or with single sign-on providers such as Google and Microsoft.


Filtering of absent plant materials

  1. Plant materials that have an absent status can now be filtered from the collection lists.

Create accession and add plant material

  1. You can create an accession, input collection data, and add associated plant material.


Viewing accession and plant material lists

  1. You can view your accessions and plant materials in a paginated list view. 


Navigation sidebar

  1. Our navigation sidebar now links to other pages, including our Support Portal.
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