When will Hortis have the features we are looking for?

Although the first release of Hortis will have a relatively modest scope in terms of features, from the beginning, we will include unique capabilities that aim to solve fundamental problems related to plant records management. In the medium and long term, you can expect the Hortis platform to offer all the capabilities that large botanical institutions are looking for. Many capabilities will be included directly within Hortis, but with our service oriented architecture, additional capabilities will be available through software integration. One of our key goals is to keep the product light yet powerful to allow a very high level of staff participation and avoid a bloated user experience.

Our road map will be very strongly influenced by the user community, so it is hard to come with any firm predictions at this time. However, Hortis will gradually have a broader appeal in terms of capabilities and we expect that some medium sized institutions will already find their requirements met in the first half of 2022. 

Hortis is a pure cloud based product which will allow our team of engineers to deploy new updates at a very different rate than with other software platforms. 


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